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Entrepass Singapore

There are different working visas you can apply for if you are looking to work in Singapore. One of them is what we call the entrepreneurial pass or entrepass.

What is an entrepass?

An entrepass is a special type of work visa made for highly skilled foreigners who can improve, contribute to, or start new businesses in Singapore.

Entrepass Singapore Fast Facts


You don’t need to reach a minimum salary to qualify for an entrepass, unlike other passes like personalised employment pass.


The process will take around 8 weeks


Online services are available 24/7


It is renewable


It is valid for 1 year. After renewal, you can use it for up to 2 years.

Who can get an entrepass singapore?

Any foreigner, regardless of nationality, can get an entrepass as long as they meet the criteria set by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.

For entrepreneurs, your company should be funded by an investment agency that’s recognised by the government. It could be funding from the government or a business angel as long as it’s $100,000 at the minimum. Another criteria that might grant you an entrepass is if your company is an incubatee at a recognised accelerator in the country. Having a significant background in entrepreneurship will give your application a boost. Do you want to confirm whether or not you are eligible for an entrepass? Check out the list of requirements prepared by the Ministry of Manpower.

Innovators should meet a different set of criteria. For example, they need to hold an IP or intellectual property and it should be registered at an IP institution. If your IP is expired, it might still be considered granted that the inventor is also one of the company’s shareholders. Another requirement is collaborating with a research institute in the country. It should be related to your chosen type of business and you have to be involved in it currently. Having exceptional expertise and being recognised in your field is a huge advantage.

If you are an investor, it’s a must that you have a track record in investing in select businesses. Take note that not all types of businesses can grant you eligibility for an entrepass. Check out the full list of businesses that the Ministry of Manpower doesn’t allow in their website.

What are the requirements for an entrepass?

→ Passport
→ Resume to highlight awards, experience, and track record
→ Business profile, if applicable
→ A comprehensive business plan written in English. It should include what you are planning to offer, a market analysis, how you plan your operations, details of your management team, licenses, patents, product certificates, etc.
→ Other documents that the Ministry might requirement after reviewing your application

How does the process look like?

First you need to submit your application. All documents should be ready together with your fee. After that, you will receive a letter stating that your application is approved or rejected. If approved, you need to get your entrepass issued. This can be done by you, the candidate, or a representative. You will receive a notification letter which might require you to register your fingerprints and photos. In some cases, you won’t need to do this. After this step, your entrepass will be processed for delivery. If you are not available to receive your entrepass, you may appoint an authorised recipient in your place.

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