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Personalised Employment Pass

One of the ways foreign professionals can seek opportunities in Singapore is through a Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). Highly-skilled individuals can apply for a PEP and what makes it sought-after is the fact that it bypasses the employer sponsorship required in an Employment Pass (EP).

What is a personalised employment pass?

There are different types of visas that you can apply for if you’re interested in living in Singapore. One of them is what we call a Personalised Employment Pass. What is it and who can apply for it?

PEP is a work visa that highly skilled individuals outside the country can apply for. Now this might remind you of EP or employment pass. The main difference between the two is the latter ties the applicant to an employer. This means that in order to get an EP, you need to secure the sponsorship of an employer first, as an important requirement. With PEP, the focus is your skills and talent and what you can contribute.

What you need to know about PEP application?

Are you interested in filing your PEP application? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who can apply for a PEP?

There is a set of criteria that you must meet to qualify for a PEP application. Both EP owners and foreign professionals have a chance to apply. For the former, they need to earn at least 12,000 SGD of monthly salary to qualify. For the latter, on the other hand, it’s 18,000 SGD. Furthermore, your last salary must fall within 6 months before you apply for a PEP

Who is eligible for a personalised employment?

EP holders with monthly salary of at least 12,000 SGD.

Foreign professionals with monthly salary of at least 18,000 SGD.

Who can’t apply for a PEP?

If you’re interested in having a personalised employment pass, it’s important to know who can’t apply for one. This is to avoid wasting time and resources later on.

First off, freelancers are not eligible for a PEP application. Same with journalists, editors, and producers. If you fall under these professions or if you are planning to take on freelance jobs in Singapore, this might not be the best type of visa for you.

As mentioned earlier, you may file for a PEP application if you are an EP holder reaching a certain monthly salary. However, you are not eligible if you are under an employer sponsorship scheme.

And lastly, sole proprietors, partners, shareholders, and directors of ACRA-registered companies may not apply for a personalised employment pass.

Requirements and process to secure a personalised employment pass

There are two ways to secure a PEP. You can do it online or you can proceed to the nearest SingPost to process your application.

If you choose to do it electronically, you need to download and fill out the PEP application form. You will then be provided with a bill reference number. Next thing you should do is have the form printed and signed. Settle the application fee, which will vary according to your chosen payment method. There’s PayNow and Telegraphic Transfer. Take note that banks vary in terms of the duration they process payment. After paying, make sure that you have a screenshot of the proof of payment. Submit it through SingPass together with the application form and supporting documents.

If you choose to file it through SingPost, you’ll need to fill out and sign the application form and secure your supporting documents. For SingPost submissions, you’ll also need to provide a copy of your passport, NRIC, or work pass card. Present as well their original, which is important for verification. Pay the application fee of $105. You will then be given a slip as proof of submission.

Important reminders

It usually takes 8 weeks to process PEP applications. One important thing you need to remember is that you have 6 months after approval to have your pass issued, which you can do online or over the counter. Although an appointed person can request for the issuance of the pass, you need to personally be there to claim it.

Upon issue, you need to prepare the following:

→ Passport
→ Details of your immigration pass and your immigration white card
→ Declaration form provided with your approval letter
→ Candidate’s Singapore address
→ Address where the pass should be delivered and contact details (yours or your appointed recipient)
→ Your address of residence in Singapore

You will be given a notification letter which tells you 3 things:

→ You need to have your photo and fingerprints taken;
→ You can travel to and fro Singapore while you wait for your PEP; and
→ It’s valid for one month.

Registering your fingerprints and photo

Once your pass is issued, you may be required to register your fingerprints and photo within two weeks. To do this, you need to make an appointment. On your scheduled date, you need to bring the following:

  • Passport, original
  • Appointment letter
  • Notification letter

There are documents listed in the IPA and notification letters that you received. Make sure to secure and bring them too.

Your card will be delivered to the address you’ve provided four working days after verification. In the event that you will not be able to receive the card at your specified address, you may claim it at EPSC three days after the second delivery attempt. You won’t be needing an appointment but make sure that your bring your passport and notification letter. You can appoint someone else on your behalf. Just have them present their passport and an authorisation letter.

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