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General Recruitment

One of the most difficult tasks for any business in Singapore is to attract qualified personnel to fill key positions in their company. It’s never good enough just to fill an important job vacancy in your company with a lightly qualified applicant. The problem is most companies simply do not have a dedicated HR recruitment department that can spend the time necessary to generate a pool of highly qualified applicants for an opening.

That is where we at ICS can be a huge help to you. We have the resources and connections to attract highly qualified applicants to fill key job openings at your Singapore based company. Our services are not just limited to executive searches and recruitment either. We can help you with all of your general staffing requirements too. This includes helping you with temporary staffing needs and also helping you find casual workers to fill gap roles. 



ICS has been specializing in employee recruitment for many years now. In that time we have established ourselves as one of the go-to recruitment specialists in Singapore. It does not matter what level recruitment needs that you have either. We can handle it all for you. ICS can help your company recruit permanent employees, temporary workers, executives or help you find staff members with highly specialized skills.

We mentioned we have many resources and connections to help you find recruitment solutions for your company. That’s because we have the ability to search a broad spectrum of locations to find you highly qualified applicants for your open positions. ICS has many recruitment connections in Singapore, all over the Asian Pacific Region and even beyond.

ICS is not just another HR service provider that just has you fill out a piece outlining what type of employee you are searching for. Our recruitment specialists will take the time to know your business and also get a feel for what its operating environment is like. That is the only sure fire way to fill your job openings with the right personnel.

It’s that very type of active and hands-on approach that has kept us at the top of Singapore HR recruitment services. We take a lot of pride in what we do and we are not afraid to try innovative and creative new ways to help your company meet its personnel needs.


Executive Search

There is perhaps no recruitment search that is harder and more stressful for a company to undertake than trying to fill an executive opening. It’s not only a recruitment process that usually involves only working with a small pool of qualified candidates but often times it involves hiring an executive that will play a key role in your company’s future.

That makes any executive search absolutely essential to get right. This is a nearly impossible task for any sizeable company to do on its own. Fortunately, your company doesn’t have to when there is an established and reputable HR recruitment service like ICS in Singapore to help you.

With our vast resources and connections we can help you find and gain access to some of the world’s most talented executives. ICS will conduct an ultra-thorough search and selection process that will leave your company with an elite pool of executive candidates to interview. You don’t have to wonder if those on the candidate list we provide will meet your executive search needs. That’s because we will have already vetted out those that don’t. We may even surprise you with the names of a few highly respective executives to interview that were not actively seeking new jobs.


Permanent Staffing

We have an established recruiting department that is dedicated solely to help you meet your permanent staffing needs. These include helping you fill entry level to mid-management level positions. ICS can provide you with qualified candidates to fill a wide range of positions for any specialty field or type of industry.

It’s an area that we have established a very strong reputation in among the businesses we have served in Singapore. We conduct all our permanent staffing searches with dignity and discretion too. Despite this we are still able to provide you with high quality and high character people to fill your permanent staff openings.


Contract Staffing

Everyone Singapore company needs to have short term staffing solutions made available to them from time to time. This can be due to such things as an unusually large volume of work or your company is involved in a temporary large scale project. We at ICS can more than help you meet these contract staffing needs.

We have access to a large variety of contract staffing personnel. ICS can also handle every aspect of this temporary workforce for your company. That includes all the recruitment, payroll, administrative and logistic needs throughout the duration of the contract terms. You get the critical extra workforce your company needs without the usual headaches that go along with it.


Temporary Staffing and Hiring of Casual Workers

Are you a manager of a company that has seasonal peaks, occasional special projects or cover for regular employee vacations? We can provide you access to help meet your personnel needs on a monthly or even hourly basis. It’s a great solution to help keep your temporary staffing and casual worker needs met while at the same time keeping your costs down to do it.



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