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Despite the fact Singapore is a small country it’s one of the biggest financial centers in all of Asia. Because of that there are also an unusually large number of foreign nationals that live and work here. Many of these foreign workers need to frequently come and go from the country on business and the best way to do that is with what is known as an ‘employment pass singapore’ (EP). We at ICS are experts at helping your company and your workers with the Singapore employment pass application process.

What exactly is an employment pass Singapore? If a foreigner working in Singapore had to get multiple reentry visas and fulfill other visa requirements every time they left and came back to Singapore, it would be a huge inconvenience for them and also hurt the business environment in the country. The Government of Singapore recognized this and initiated the ‘singapore employment pass’ service. It makes it much easier for a foreign national that is employed in the country to enter and leave it.

We can help your foreign citizen employees that travel often to get one of these all-important employment passes. At ICS we know all the preliminary steps and filing processes to help your foreign employees get their employment passes in a timely manner. That way you’re the foreign professionals, executives and managers that work for your company can seamlessly go out of and then easily back into Singapore.

Which of Your Employees is Eligible to Receive an Employment Pass?

Contrary to popular belief not every foreign employee is eligible to receive an employment pass. This is true regardless of whether a foreign employee already has a work permit. There are certain restrictions that the Singapore Government has put in place as far as who can receive one of these convenient employment passes. They are definitely geared towards making necessary business travel more convenient for your key company managers, executives and personnel with specialized skills.

As of this writing only employees that earn a salary of at least $3600 a month can be issued an employment pass singapore. There are a few other important eligibility criteria also. We at ICS are well versed in every aspect of the employment pass application process. ICS will work with you every step of the way to help ensure your employees who need this pass get them in a timely manner.


Here are some general guidelines for Singapore employment pass eligibility:


A candidate for the employment pass must be a foreign national who has a current job in Singapore or a valid job offer for employment there.


In order to qualify to receive and employment pass your foreign national employee must work in a management, executive or specialized position within the company.


A prospective or current foreign employee must earn a salary of at least $3600 a month (some exceptions here and some more experienced employees need an even higher salary to qualify).


Other qualifications may include proof of such things as a college degree, specialized training or a documented professional background.

Given the fact that these applications are reviewed individually and not always approved on a set criteria basis, it makes it all the more important for your company to work with a competent and experienced employment pass application processor like us at ICS. We know exactly how to act as a liaison on your behalf with the Ministry of Manpower to make sure all your employment pass requests go smoothly and also check your ep application status.


How We Can Help Your Singapore Company with Their Employment Pass Singapore Applications

We help Singapore companies every day with the application, renewing and termination of employment passes. It’s a process we know very well to say the least. Over the years we have learned where the pitfalls are in the process and how to navigate around them.

As you have seen by now the Singapore employment pass approval process can be somewhat vague in nature and often requires a solid case for approval built up for each individual in your company that wants to receive one. Having ICS’s years of EP experience by your side during the application process will definitely increase the chances of getting approval on each employment pass your company requests.


Our employment pass singapore services include all of the following:


ICS will help your company apply for new employment passes, renew expiring employment passes and cancel passes that are no longer needed.


Our EP experts will assist your company with completion of the MOM Pre-application self-assessment tools. This tool with give your employment pass candidate a good idea of whether they may or may not eligible for the EP.


We will respond promptly to any MOM request for additional information on any employment pass application.


At ICS we will do everything in our power to help ensure that the employment pass application approval process stays within the normal 3 weeks’ time it usually takes.


We will perform Ministry of Manpower (MOM) online transactions that relate to the employment pass process. These include filing employment pass applications, status checks, renewals, issuing and cancellations.


ICS will offer you its expert advice on how to ensure that each and every employment pass application that you initiate is met with approval.


ICS will also help with any statutory requirements that mandate posting a new job opening with the Singapore Job Bank. This is part of the Singapore Fair Consideration Framework that ensures Singapore citizens have a fair chance to be considered for all job openings at companies that employ 25 or more people.

With our help and the completion of a positive Ministry of Manpower self-assessment,

the employment pass applications that we assist companies in handling are

approved over 90% of the time.



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